LYMPH – “Birth”

Release-date: Febbruary 15th, 2010


Cat. Number:

Format: CD DIGIPACK Limited edition

Style: Melodic Electro Rock

Country: Italy/Europe



Electronic sensibility, instrumental impact and vocal expressivity.

Three concepts that contain one formula, called LYMPH. The project starts in 1999 and is developed by Giulio Bogoni (digital sounds), Vito Licari (vocals) and Luca Dal Lago (guitar), who melt together the various musical experiences they come from. Before composing songs, their absolute priority is experimenting: their musical thought is based on the analysis of sounds from the 90s and their later development.


In 2001, LYMPH first “demo” comes to life: it’s recorded at Remaster Studio (Vicenza-Italy) and mixed at Luigi Stefanini’s New Sin Studio in Loria (Treviso-Italy). LYMPH starts performing in different clubs and competitions all around Italy, such as “Italian Tim Tour” that in August 2003 takes them to Brindisi, in southern Italy, where they play in front of 20.000 people, and finally in piazza Duomo, Milan.

In 2005 the band takes part in various concerts organized for tsunami victims and in the same period they reach their internal asset with new members: Giorgia Sacco becomes the bass player and Tommaso Dalla Fina is the drummer.

During 2005 and 2006 their shows continue and LYMPH win numerous awards at local competitions. “Birth” is their first full length album. April 26th, 2006 is the starting date of “BIRTH’’ project.

The total work for the recording sessions took Lymph more than 10 months. Preparing the tracks and mixing the songs took them 2 more months.

The production of the album focused from the start in trying to communicate the true sound of the band: the group decided to work as little as possible on the editing level.

The songs have been “warmed up” on an analog console SSL and on tube processors (manley, tube tech, Universal Audio, Teletronix....).

Everything else is the pure and simple sound of instruments, voice and the result of an infinite patience. The album contains some “guest star” appearances, such as Fabio Trentini (producer of Guano Apes) who mixed ‘Something Invisible’ and Brian Gardner and Marie Lewis of Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio, Usa, who did the mastering.

The photos and the cover were made by two young graphic artists, Angela Loveday and Marco Matteazzi, who worked side by side with the band to understand their true spirit and atmosphere.




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