Release-date: August 2012

Digital Release-date: March 2012

Record Label: HEART OF STEEL Records
Cat. Number:
Style: Melodic Classic Hard Rock
Country: Italy





DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are very pleased announce the RE-release the CD of SERENA ROCK BAND's album entitled "Juke Box",  the songs was originally recorded in 1991-92.
The album has a pure Melodic Hard Rock sound like Msg, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company.
The Cd will come out in a limited edition with a booklet, including pics, and stick hand numbered.


SUPER GREAT Melodic Hard Rock!!!



A brief biography,


Franco began his career in the sixties, and forming the group called “ Ranger Sound”, later changed in “I Ragazzi dai capelli Verdi” (Green Haired boys).Today, we find “I Ragazzi dai capelli Verdi” in all the books and encyclopedias devoted to the Beat.

In the early 70’s, Franco founded a progressive rock band called “Nuvole di Paglia”, which released two albums.


In 1982, Franco is influenced by hard rock sound, He loves the Kinks, Led Zeppelin He formed the band called “Serena Rock Band”.

This band is still active, with about a dozen publications, among which include the debut album (1984), a rare and precious for vinyl collectors of the world.


Great musicians have played with Serena Rock Band, in almost thirty years of activity, remember, Ruggero Robin (Bocelli, Area) Alex De Rosso (ex Dokken, Vertigo), Paolo Muffato (Dark Lord, Rebel Toys).


Discography :


Serena Rock Band - City Records (LP 1984)
Like a dream - Mellow Records (CD 1989
Buchi nell’anima - CDA004 (CD 2005)

Frammenti - CDA003 (CD 2005)
Juke Box - CDA005 (CD 2006)
Live at Banale - CDA008 (CD 2006)
Rolling on the Road - H.O.S.Records (CD 2008)

Buchi nell’anima - re-edition CD + Cassette - H.O.S.Records (CD 2011)
Live at Banale - re-edition with black cover - H.O.S.Records (CD 2011)
Juke Box - re-edition + signed card - H.O.S.Records (2012)
Serena Rock Band 1984 - reissue - H.O.S.Records (CD 2012)
Rocho Tropical - H.O.S.Records (CD 2012)


Juke Box Track List :


 1. Wait for Tomorrow
2. I Need You
3. Strange Sensation
4. Love Me So in the Rain
5. Maul
6. I Don't Know
7. Only a Footstep


- An album for all who love Melodic Classic Hard Rock at its best!!!




Members :

Franco Serena  Vocals

Alex De Rosso guitar

Paolo Muffato bass

Davide Zanetti drums