Digital Release-date: August 2012

Record Label: HEART OF STEEL Records
Cat. Number:
Style: Hard Rock, Sleazy, Street Metal
Country: Brazil



- AMAZING album  in vein of Cinderella, L.A.Guns, Poison, Kiss style!


DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to annunce the Record deal with an brasilian Hard rocker GLITTER MAGIC.

The upcoming release is entitled "Bad for health" will be available in every Digital music store and scheduled for August 2012.


Glitter Magic is a band which has six years of existence, its current line-up is:

Rhee Charles (vocais), Mauri Moore (Guitarra), Luqui di Falco (Guitarra), Glux (baixo) e Andy Ravel (bateria). Their music is a mixture of styles, synthesizing perfectly the new wave of

Hard Rock along with elements from Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and 80’s Hard Rock, resulting


in a different and original Debut-album, called “Bad For Health”.

This material is an energetic, melodic and straight 10 tracked album without technic juggle.

It might be enjoyable for Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and 80's Hard Rock fans.


The lyrics are about daily situations, human relations and the Rock and Roll lifestyle.

Such hedonistic lyrical content gives the title to “Bad For Health”.

The title-track takes the listener to Rock and Roll nights and everything else they might offer as sex, drunkenness and sleepless nights. All these things are combined in this aggressive and fast song, showing Pantera and Avenged Sevenfold clear influences.

Highlight on “The Dreamer’s Disease”, a song that possesses heavy melodies and a dense lyric about the dreams we have to leave behind due to life’s course, and how much it might give us a frustrated and hopeless life. The Ballads “Heal Me” and “Living on Addiction” show us clear influences from the 80’s Hard Rock.

They are melodic and well made songs.


The last track, “Daring the Dawn”, sounds like Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” aggressive songs combined with modern elements, giving it a very interesting and different atmosphere.

The Album was entirely recorded at Ematech Studio in Juiz de Fora, the band’s hometown, and mixed-mastered in Sweden by Jorry Torstensson (Draconian), except for the ballads, which were produced by Mauri Moore.





01. Bad for Health

02. The Dreamer's Disease

03. Don't

04. Snake Blood

05. Heal Me

06. Breathless

07. Amnesia

08. Living on Addiction

09. Love Proof

10. Daring the Dawn