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Genere : Horror Metal






Steve Sylvester,vocals

Claud Galley,bass

Paul Chain,guitar

Thomas Hand Chaste,drums

Sanctis Ghoram,vocals

Danny Hughes,bass

Christian Wise,guitar

Kurt Templar,guitar

Al Priest,guitar

Jason Minelli,guitar

Boris Hunter,drums

Andy Barrington,drums

Ross Luckater,drums







1982"Terror"Gathered compilation Lp

1983"Chains of death"H.M.Eruption comp.

1983: 'Evil Metal' (7")

1987: 'The Story of Death SS' (Comp. CD)Minotauro

1988: 'In Death of Steve Sylvester' (LP) Metalmaster

1989: 'Black Mass' (LP) Metalmaster


1990"King of evil"(12Ep)Metalmaster

1991: 'Heavy Demons' (CD) Contempo

1991"Where have you gone"(12Ep)Contempo

1992: 'The Cursed Concert' (Live CD) Contempo

1993"Straight to hell"(12Ep)Contempo

1996: 'Horror Music & Cursed Singles' (Comp. CD) Lucifer Rising

1997: 'Do What Thou Wilt' (CD)Lucifer Rising

2000: 'Panic' (CD)Lucifer Rising





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